The Definitive Europe Pre Game Meal To Get Ready For The Derek Nesbitt Night In Atlanta

This is a big weekend for the Chiclets Crew and any veteran knows you need a solid base of food. Before we focus our attention on the Derek Nesbitt Night in Atlanta with Biz, Grinnell and all the Pink Whitney one could drink, EBR needs to hit some games in Europe.

Cocktail: Czech Extraliga

First stop on this ride is in Ceske Budejovice for a beer.  Budvar in Czech has been in a constant fight over who is the original Budweiser.  This argument will never be proven or agreed upon between the Czech company and the one in St. Louis, but after the bets are won this is the beer to buy a round for the bar.  This is a great beer to share in fan section while the team wins easily in regulation.  

Murls’ Best Bet: Ceske Budejovice 3-way -121

Appetizer: Sweden Allsvenskan (2nd League)

Friday night is a big night for Swedes to have a fancy dinner after a long work week.  My favorite starter here is called Toast Skagen. It’s obviously a piece of bread toasted, but the interesting part is the shrimp salad put on top.  Skagen is made up of mayonnaise, dill, sour cream and tiny shrimps topped with caviar. Delicious and I’ll make sure to have some before the Bjorkloven vs. Kristianstads game drops the puck. 

Murls’ Best Bet: Bjorkloven 3-way -117

Main Course: Austria Ice Hockey League

Yes its called the Austrian League, but there are teams from different countries and today we are going to Slovenia. We need a big meal ahead of a long day of action and the perfect meal is Carniolan Sausage. A typical pork sausage but in Slovenia it's served with a side of sour cabbage, mustard and some bread.  This meal is served all over Slovenia and it is a must try. 


Murls’ Best Bet: HK Olimpija Ljubljana ml -130 

Dessert: Germany DEL

Most of you are already looking for another beer to wash down the main course, but let's grab some dessert first. Bienenstich or “bee sting” cake is very popular all over Germany. Take a sweet dough and bake it with caramelized almonds on top and fill it with a vanilla custard or cream. 

Murls’ Best Bet: Adler Mannheim over 5.5 

EBR lunch menu is complete and now we are just a few hours away from the big celebration in Atlanta. No worries about an early blackout from all the fun as our stomachs are full and our pockets are overflowing. If you see the guy in this video below at the arena buy him a Pink Whitney shooter and say compliments of EBR!!

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