Former President of Ukraine Praised The "Ghost Of Kyiv", An Ace Pilot With A Bad Ass Nickname, Rumored To Have Downed 6 Russian Fighter Jets By Himself On Thursday

AS - The Ghost of Kyiv has become a Ukrainian hero across social media, as stories spread of a fighter pilot who had allegedly downed six Russian planes in the first day of the invasion of Putin's forces. While the stories of the Ghost remain unconfirmed and the facts coming from the conflict would suggest it is unlikely to be true, former Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, posted a photo of a pilot on Twitter saying this was none other than the Ghost of Kyiv.

In the tweet the former president says: "In the photo - the MiG-29 pilot. None other than the Ghost of Kyiv. He causes terror in enemies and pride in Ukrainians. He has six victories over Russian pilots! With such powerful defenders, Ukraine will definitely win"!

We've been anxiously hoping and waiting for somebody, in some official capacity, to acknowledge or recognize this story so that we could in turn acknowledge it. 

Over the last few days it's been burning up the socials and text threads, (rightfully so), but as more of an "urban legend" than anything.

Now, the former Ukrainian President coming out saying "The Ghost" is real is just the kind of news the good guys need.

"There's this stud flying a MiG-29 around the skies of Kyiv, who has reportedly downed 6 Russian planes on a casual Thursday and became the 21st Century's first confirmed fighter ace."

(Fun Top Gun fact - a fighter "ace" is a pilot who somehow manages to down at least 6 enemy planes. A feat that is extremely difficult to accomplish, hence the reason it hadn't been done so far in this century.)

Keep fighting Ukraine!

p.s. - this you gotta laugh at