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Big Zee Sets Record For NHL Games By A D-man Then Becomes Oldest Player To Have A Fight


Have a night, Zee. 

Last night in San Jose, Zdeno Chara passed Chris Chelios for most NHL regular season games by a defenseman when he skated in his 1652nd game in his 24th season. An unreal accomplisment from the slam-dunk future HHOFer. 

This was a great gesture by the Sharks and Patty Marleau here.

As was this one from his old teammates here in Boston.


So how did Big Zee celebrate the occasion? By going at it with Jeffrey Viel to become the oldest player in NHL history to have a fighting major.

Got to love the pat on the head afterwards. That was Chara's 77th regular season fight and I don't remember him ever getting his ass handed to him.

After the game, the always classy Big Zee had great things to say about his family and the guy he passed.

The most dominant defenseman of his era, he's also a beloved teammate and consummate leader. Chara coming to Boston has to be the best free agent signing in NHL history, no?