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A Brazilian Soccer Team's Bus Was Reportedly Attacked With A BOMB On The Way To Its Game - Still Played, Still Won 2-0

[CBS] - Brazilian soccer team Esporte Clube Bahia were the victims of a bombing on their bus ahead of a home match at Estadio Fonte Nova on Thursday. A bomb exploded upon arrival and there were injuries, the club announced on social media. Goalkeeper Danilo Fernandes was his by shrapnel in the face and was taken to the hospital. Globo reported that a second injured player, Matheus Bahia, suffered some cuts on his arm.

Somehow the team's match in the Copa do Nordeste against Sampaio Correa went on as planned.

Globo reports that the suspects are fans of the club, but it is not clear if there have been any arrests made. 

Holy shit. This isn't hyperbole or anything like that. The Bahia bus was attacked with a bomb. Sent their goalie to the hospital overnight and luckily somehow there appears to be no serious injuries. Even crazier is the fact they still showed up and won their game 2-0. Futbol tough with ease. You don't see too many teams saying ah fuck it, we'll go play and win after getting attacked by a bomb. It was a home match too! That might be the craziest part about it all. We know shit is crazy with South American/European soccer but feel like the majority of insane stories happen with a road game. 

I can't imagine what the locker room was like before the game. Manager comes walking in and saying well we already won today. Let's just go play some soccer. Probably some true Ted Lasso inspiration speech. Even crazier is going out and winning. Feel like if you get attacked with a bomb you take the day off. I need a quote from one of the people who made sure the game happened too. 

'Oh they got hit with a bomb? They have 30 minutes to get here and warm up.' 

I'm putting this story to the top of my pay attention list. It's right behind college basketball now. Why? Simple. The fact they say 'suspects are fans of the club.' Excuse me? Why? They know they are cheering for these guys right? This isn't a rivalry situation. I need to know when and if they get caught the motive here. Most impressive win I can remember.