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Liberty Baseball Just Gave Us The Uniform Reveal Of The Year

What a week for Liberty baseball. First they take 2 out of 3 from the Florida Gators in Gainesville for their opening series, and now they unveil some insanely awesome powder blue jerseys. They didn't just introduce them with some boring photoshoot, they did it in a fantastic way. Liberty jumped on the TikTok trend involving Celine Dion's banger of a song, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." A+ for execution on the lip syncing, A+ on the choreography, A+ on the lighting, everything about it is perfect. This cat's hair blowing in the wind, it's amazing. And I know the jerseys look identical to Ole Miss's powder blues, that is okay with me. The more powder blue the better in sports. It's impossible to make a bad power blue jersey, they all look great. And when they add the red accents on there it looks so, so good. 

They knew what they were doing with this too. They'll go viral on TikTok, they'll get all the likes on twitter, and they've already got Ole Miss fans upset because they took their look. Who cares, everyone copies each other anyways. Like I said before, we need MORE powder blue on the diamond so I love this. Debuting a powder blue uni with a viral TikTok song is a 14/10 reveal, great job here by their social team.