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Fox Might Try to Trade NBC for Drew Brees to Replace Troy Aikman

New York Post — Meanwhile, Fox suddenly has a hole atop its No. 1 broadcast team with two Super Bowls in the next three years. Fox, however, has added depth to its NFL analyst group in recent years.

It will consider its No. 2 analyst Greg Olsen, McVay, Sean Payton and, in a twist, could try to trade for NBC’s Drew Brees, according to sources. Brees, who is in NBC’s studio, is also a candidate for Amazon on Thursday nights.

Troy Aikman is leaving Fox's main NFL booth with Joe Buck to join ESPN and Monday Night Football. With Al Michaels's contract having already ended with NBC and Amazon acquiring the rights to Thursday Night Football, we are going to have NBA free agency-type drama with football commentators this offseason. There are a ton of holes to fill now and plenty of interesting candidates to fill them.

With Fox now needing a new No. 1 analyst, one option that has been reported is a trade with NBC for Drew Brees. This wouldn't be the first time networks have traded for a broadcaster, as Michaels was actually traded from ESPN to NBC for the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit — seriously.

Obviously big-name guys moving around is interesting enough for anyone who cares about this sort of thing, but I want a trade. We get trades all the time in sports, but we need more of them in media. What is Fox putting on the table to get Brees? Is NBC going to land the rights to 911: Lone Star and The Cleaning Lady? Could be massive pick-ups.


I just want chaos. Make Sean McVay an offer he can't refuse. Start some rumors that Tom Brady is interested in joining a booth. Burn the whole thing to the ground this offseason.