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EJ Liddell Is The Reason Ohio State Is Gonna Knock Off Illinois Tonight

Tough loss on St. John’s last night but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go back to work. I’m a volume gambler. I suggest playing the full card. I’ve been consistently winning on the full card. 8-6 day leads to a +1.4 unit night and we’ll take that every damn time in this business. 

As far as today‘s best bet we‘re going with Ohio State +6. I don‘t care how much people will call this a homer pick because it’s not. It’s the play I have the most confidence in. I see this as a coin flip game against two very evenly matched teams and I’ll always take the points in that situation. These are without question two of the best five teams in the Big Ten who each have one of the top five players in the entire conference. I think we have a classic on our hands tonight in Champaign. Kofi Cockburn in the post is a nightmare for pretty much every team in the country but I think Ohio State has some smart, big bodies down low in Kyle Young, Joey Brunk and Zed Key to defend and eat up some fouls with athletic ass shot blocker EJ Liddell to come help on the double team when needed. Liddell still isn’t getting the credit he deserves national in my opinion. He was phenomenal last year but has taken his game to a whole new level shooting the ball and with his insane rim defending for someone his size. I think he goes off tonight. I love this spot for Ohio State to keep it close and potentially even win the game. Go Buckeyes. 

P.S. - Literally as I was writing this blog it was reported EJ Liddell is battling the flu and is questionable for tonight’s game. If he doesn’t play I am so fucked but it looks like he’s gonna at least give it a go. EJ Liddell flu game perhaps? He’s an Illinois kid who’s getting to play in front of the Illini fans for the first time. There‘s gonna be magic in the air and flu or no flu he‘s gonna bring it. I can feel it in my gigantic loaf of a nutsack.