This Is Objectively The Worst Commercial Cut In In TV History

Super fucked up situation going on in the Ukraine right now. I'm far from a person who should be commenting on geopolitical strifes and only know slightly more than the basic cliff notes of what's going on in Eastern Europe right now, but this video above? Yeah, it made me gasp. I know I shouldn't laugh at it but I let out and audible "jeeeeesusssssss" when I saw it. 

On that note, I truly hope we (we as in the world) get this resolved ASAP because from what I gather we might be entering war with a country that actually has the ability to put up a fight. Like *actually* put up a fight. I could be and hope I'm far from correct here, but my gut says that's the case, whether it's economic warfare, cyber warfare, or actual boots on the ground warfare (god forbid). After watching these videos and hearing different heads of state speak today, I got that shitty feeling in my stomach. Someone tell me why I'm wrong. Please and thank you. 


They fucked up again, this time even worse. Jesus CNN get it together!!!