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It Took Antonio Conte Just Three Months To Question Everything About Tottenham, The Job And Be Defeated About Life

[Source] - "Maybe I'm not so good. Tottenham called me to change things but I'm too honest. I could just take my salary, but I'm too honest. We've lost four out of five games. This is unacceptable."

"Maybe there is something wrong; I want to take responsibility, if I have that, I'm open for every decision," Conte said. "I want to help Tottenham from the first day I arrive. Also to take my salary. It is not right at this moment.

"On Saturday we play another game [at Leeds], it's the moment to see the situation and make an assessment. I'm trying to do everything but the situation is not changing.

Honestly I'm surprised it took this long. I say this as a Tottenham fan. This is just what we do. We break spirits, make awful decisions and blow any sort of momentum we ever have. It's impressive really. Here we are again. Remember that win over Man City? That was awesome. Wish we did more of that. Or remember when Conte first started and Tottenham won a bunch? That was awesome too. 

But listen to Antonio Conte in that interview. That man is broken. He's debating everything about his life let alone just taking the Tottenham job. He sounds like a guy who knows he's about to get dumped and is just hanging on to whatever he can. Only difference is I don't think Antonio Conte is out of his league here. It's not like he's dating a hot ass chick. Oh no, we're Tottenham. 

I'm even worried about my guy Expressions

I can at least distract myself with college basketball. This man is living and dying in London every day. We may need him to go help out Conte. Tell him it'll be okay. I can't take another manager. Every season change a new manager comes in and we're about at spring time. Took 3 months for Conte to be like the rest of us that like Tottenham. Broken.