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And That Is A Wrap On Sundae Conversation SZN 2

Well, thank you folks for watching! As you can see in that message from our fearless leader that that is a wrap on Season 2 of Sundae Conversation. It was a hell of a run this fall putting out a video 25 weeks in a row with absurd names ranging from The Chainsmokers to Ice Cube to Darius Rucker to Kodak Black to Jordan Spieth. Ya know what though actually? As I just looked at that list it's actually shocking looking at those 25 names. 

  1. Randy Orton
  2. Pacman Jones
  3. Motherfucking ICE CUBE
  4. Maxo Kream
  5. Mitch Trubisky
  6. Max Homa
  7. Melvin Gordon
  8. Theo Von
  9. Brian Urlacher
  10. Saint Jhn
  11. Ricky Williams
  12. Blake Griffin
  13. Druski
  14. Chase Rice
  15. Sugar Sean
  16. Luke Combs
  17. Bert Kreischer
  18. Darius Rucker
  19. David Ortiz
  20. Lil Yachty
  21. YK Osiris
  22. Jimmy John
  23. Jordan Spieth
  24. The Chainsmokers
  25. and the grand finale...Kodak Black

Now in commemoration of that I thought I'd share a few of my favorite moments as the guy with the bird's eye view for everything from this past season. 

The season started off with what is, in my opinion, an EXTREMELY underrated Sundae Conversation. Normally when I'm out and about in the world a lot of folks always say Michael Irvin, Waka Flocka, Theo Von, and now Kodak Black are their favorite videos though I think the Randy Orton one may be just outside that Hall of Fame. Not to mention I look fucking sexy with fake arm sleeves.


As you all know the author of this very blog is a BIG Only Fans guy. I eat, sleep, breathe Only Fans so it's always a joy to get to speak to another fan of that world whenever the opportunity arises. Shoutout Maxo Kream.

Chase Rice simply responding to Caleb "We played the same teams" in reference to them playing the same teams in high school (since they both went to the same high school) was simply very fucking funny.


We shot this video with Bert Kreischer back in October and if we're being honest…this drinking pump-up speech is STILL hyping me up to this day. It's phenomenal. It's outrageous. And is somehow the most liked post in the history of my instagram by a very large margin. Go Bert Go.

Everything about the interview with Jimmy John was fucking AWESOME. We were in the Bahamas for less than 24 hours to do it & did it in the living room of his Yacht. Quite simply doesn't get cooler than that other than the fact that we clearly had to take our shoes off. Whatever. Also asking Jimmy John how he go the the name for his restaurant is the hard-hitting journalism you're never gonna get anywhere else.

Running a sprint in front of 2x Pro Bowler & one of the greatest college running backs ever in Melvin Gordon was not what I expected that day, but whatever. I am forever in debts to my sprinting ability thanks to it getting Caleb to hire me over 5 years ago so when he says sprint…I sprint.


And as you can see in the full video Caleb posted on instagram above our Lil Yachty Sundae Conversation we originally took down out of respect to Bob Saget was easily a top 3 of the season. My personal favorite moment on that was if we decided if me and him like to eat out. Some people do, some people don't…ya know?

And of course we have to finish with the greatest video we've ever made. Bar none. Nothing else close. In the spirit of that please enjoy the whole thing.

Moral of the story though- thank you all for watching all season!! It was a fucking blast and couldn't thank CP, our editor Tom, and everyone else for rocking it. See y'all for SZN 3!!