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There Was A Tiebreaker On Jeopardy Last Night And It Was Electric

I'll admit that I fell out of watching Jeopardy over the last year or so after Alex Trebek died and 100 different people were given tryouts of the impossible task to fill his size 100000 shoes, which Ken Jennings and Blossom are doing as well as they can. However, that video reminded me how great Jeopardy can be at its peak. An absolute battle of the brains ending with a showdown of who has the quickest trigger finger like a nerdy showdown at the OK Corral where you replace the pistols and bullets with buzzers and brains.

Now let me first say that my dumb ass would've been left in the dust by all three of these contestants before I had a chance to share my little anecdote after the first commercial break. But that was an all-time blunder by Christine not adding that extra $1 to her bet that would ensure she would win with the right answer. Flat out Day 1 Jeopardy stuff. I could give her a pass if the scores involved some 4th grade math that had you carry the one to figure out how much to bet. But both her and Henry having scores that ended in triple 0s made that shit easy as pie, which would've definitely led to some of Trebek's signature sassy savagery if he were still around.

Also credit to me for not bringing up how this showdown "just so happened" to take place a couple of weeks after Wheel Of Fortune "just so happened" to have three $100,000 winners IN A ROW during a time when I imagine people are tuning out of network TV since I would never accuse the people of running The Show Trebek Built of fixing matches, even though they have botched pretty much everything since Alex passed away.