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Blue Jays Pitcher Alek Manoah Offered To Pay For This Internet Troll's Flight To Miami After The Troll Said He'd Take Manoah 450 To Dead Center

This is what I’m talking about baby! I’m getting big “meet me in Temecula vibes.” And I love it. More times than not if you jaw at an athlete online they don’t see it and you think you won the fight. People love doing this and it's a crazy person move. You try that trash talk and try to act like the big guy with Alek Manoah, you're in for a bad time. Poor Eli Lambo tried that and may get sent to the gulag. Lambo responded to a BP session that Manoah posted and he got served right on a dinner plate.

If I'm Lambo I take Manoah up on that offer right away. A free paid vacation to Florida to hang out with a big league pitcher? What is the worst that can happen? You get a live AB on him and he blows 99 by you three straight times? Sure, that happens all the time in the bigs, it's not embarrassing at all. This guy wanted the chance to take a big league pitcher deep, he got his wish. I love Manoah having fun with it too, offering to pay for the guy's ticket down to Miami and everything. Maybe he gets him a first class seat? 


It eventually ended with Eli telling Alek he was down and Manoah said to DM him. Lambo then posted this video of him trying to hit 95....

I mean he couldn't have been later on this if he tried. This is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. Props to him for stepping in the box and trying to replicate the speed he'd see from Manoah. Obviously it's all a big joke between them but it's cool to see Alek interact with someone who was having some fun, it for sure stopped Lambo in his tracks when he got the tweet back. You never expect them to answer back, and then when they do you have no clue how to act. Saying you'd go 450 to dead center off a big league pitcher is all fun to chirp with….until the pitcher offers to do live BP vs you. Pretty funny interaction overall and it seems like both parties had some good, clean fun.