Russia Is Officially At War With Ukraine

Earlier tonight Nolan Peterson, a former USAF special ops pilot who has been reporting in Ukraine since 2014, had a Twitter thread that gave me chills. He could pretty much tell that tonight was the night.  

"I'm sitting here, wondering what a parent tells a child on a night like this." Fuck.

This was followed by a "live" press conference by Putin, which went as follows (I kept some Tweets out for brevity):

And only minutes later… Peterson reports that war has officially begun. 

We have an expert coming on ZeroBlog30 tomorrow to give a full breakdown & update. Right now I do not know what this means for U.S. troops who have been deployed across Eastern Europe on standby. 

As for now my only thought is for any civilians in harm's way. At the end of the day everyone pulling the strings to make all this happen will be safely tucked away. It's the innocent & powerless who will ultimately suffer most. War is a horrible thing.