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Dwon Odom Hit Nate Watson With Such A Vicious Ankle Breaker They Had To Suspend The Providence/Xavier Game

Some may say it was because the roof was leaking: 


Some may say it's because Providence is the luckiest team in the country this year. Some are saying it's even because Feits is in attendance: 

All I know is if Nate Watson's ankles don't turn to rubbish, this game doesn't get suspended. Fair is fair, that's a filthy move by Dwon Odom. You can't blame it all on a leaked roof. I saw plenty of other defenders out there. Only one fell. Rules are rules and we are going to appreciate the move by Odom. 

Speaking of appreciating. Can someone tell me who the hell this old dude is partying? They just showed him with like 1:37 to go. 

I love this sport.