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Troy Aikman Is Reportedly Close To Joining The Monday Night Football Booth And Will Be Getting Paid Tony Romo Money

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NY Post- ESPN is deep in negotiations with Fox Sports’ Troy Aikman to make him its lead analyst on “Monday Night Football,” The Post has learned. Aikman’s deal is not completed yet, but there is an expectation that it will be finalized. Aikman has also been courted by Amazon.

Look at ESPN going back to the Cowboys Playing Tree for the Monday Night Football booth after the last time went so well!


OK, so Troy Aikman is definitely better than Jason Witten when it comes to announcing, which admittedly isn't saying much. But Troy's voice has started to get that big game sound to it by simply telling Joe Buck he was absolutely right during all those playoff games and Fox Games of the Week, even though the number Troy is negotiating seems crazy unless ex-franchise QB announcer deals are like franchise QB deals where the newest deal will always be the biggest number.

The exact figures of Aikman’s deal are not yet fully finalized, but for him to leave Fox it is expected to be comparable to or exceed Tony Romo’s 10-year $180 million with CBS.

I feel like Disney is paying as much for Aikman as it is paying to have respectability in the booth after the last few years where people would rather throw the game on mute than listen to whatever garbage was behind the mic on ESPN along with the NFL not wanting that booth announcing anymore of that weird Monday Night Football playoff game, which probably had Troy's agent looking like this as ESPN added millions to each offer.

Speaking of which, the best part about all this is that we are going to have a Giant kicking the shit out of a Cowboy every Monday night unless The Mouse throws the bag at Joe Buck or Al Michaels. And even then, there is just going to be something special about the Manningcast that traditional broadcasters simply can't match.

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P.S. Earlier today I randomly wondered out of the BLUE how Troy Barkman was doing, so credit to my brain for sniffing out this deal before it was reported.


P.P.S. Obligatory Troy-Z picture: