We Now Have College Pitchers Throwing 103 MPH


There are people in this society who will look you dead in the eye and say with a straight face that Babe Ruth could hit .150 in Major League Baseball today. Brother, that fella couldn't touch half the pitchers we have in the SEC in 2022.

This is Tennessee's Ben Joyce, who was casually pumping 103 MPH fastballs in the Vols' midweek contest against UNC Asheville on Wednesday. That man is throwing a baseball as hard as anyone in human history has thrown one and he's a junior in college.

Look, I'm very glad Ben is on my team. But we've gone too far. He's throwing 90 MPH changeups that look like they're being lobbed in there. This shouldn't be a thing.

If you want to know how hard hitting a baseball is, don't watch Major League hitters. They're too good and make it look way too easy. Watch these poor schmucks from UNC Asheville who went to chemistry class this morning and then got on a bus to Knoxville and had to get in the box against 103 MPH.

One Bulldog did manage a base hit off Joyce. Kudos to that kid.