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Watch This Guy Get Hit With 5 Punches In .01 Seconds

Holy shit! Talk about hand speed! That dude got knocked out by a combo that was played in fast-forward! He didn't even have a chance!

Obviously this seems like a pretty shitty suckerpunch (a bunch of them, actually) but that exchange is enough for me to bet on him in his next fight, if we could make that possible on the Barstool Sportsbook. 

Also, is this the same fucking promotion that had the running dropkick/other scuffle at their weigh-ins?


What's goin on over there?! It looks like the security guards are in the same weird anonymous outfits, right?! What's the deal with them? Are they hired to stop fights from happening or just to dispose of the bodies after it's over? 

They gotta be the Stormtroopers of MMA security. Just complete and utter buffoons.