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The Knicks Have Agreed To Sideline Kemba Walker For The Rest Of The Season

So this Woj Bomb isn't as explosive or exciting as finding out Kemba Walker was returning to New York out of the goddamn blue before the season started, but this pretty much ends the Kemba Experiment at Madison Square Garden. It always seemed like a long shot that Kemba was going to get healthy and anywhere back to form after leaving the Thunder since Sam Presti always gets as many picks as he can out of guys that are anywhere near salvageable instead of buying them out. 

But it felt like picking up Kemba for a short term contract was a decent risk for the Knicks to take since New Yorkers are always able to convince themselves that one of their own coming back home will lead to a rejuvenation and in case that didn't work, watching Kemba snatch Gary McGhee's ankles and soul on the hallowed MSG floor did the trick.

You know what? Despite the last five months of proof telling me otherwise, I'm back in on Kemba!

:Take a deep breath Clem and stop looking at the gif!:

Okay, this is definitely one of those cases where it's best for everyone to move on with the Knicks waiting until the summer to try to move Kemba's expiring deal, Kemba gets paid very well to be a cheerleader and more importantly, Thibs will play the kids the rest of this lost season. It's not the ending anyone wanted to see back when Kemba signed here in August but it's the one we all want after the last few months of misery.

We'll always have the Kemba I'm Coming Home video...

Fuck it, I'm back in on Kemba! Who cares about things like defense and +/- when your goosebumps get goosebumps?

:OK dummy. Stop watching that and fall in love with Miles McBride because who doesn't love a point guard that plays defense and has the name Deuce?: