Posing All But Nude On Top Of An Oil Pump Is Certainly A Way To Get Votes In This Texas Primary

NY Post- This Texas primary race is off the rails.

A woman running for railroad commissioner in the Lone Star State has raised eyebrows over her racy campaign video — in which she straddles an oil pump wearing little more than a cowboy hat and boots.

“They said I needed money. I have other assets,” GOP lawyer Sarah Stogner, 37, said in a tweet of the campaign clip posted to TikTok.

Stogner, who posted the steamy video on Super Bowl Sunday, said it was shot in November by a documentary crew she hired for her campaign against incumbent Wayne Christian, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Some friends suggested that she post the video on TikTok to call attention to leaking wells in West Texas, according to the paper.

Sarah Stogner is a genius and there are 2 no ways around it...Literal genius! She's out there in Texas running for railroad commissioner & decided to drop this video to bring awareness to the causes she's supporting in this primary. I mean you can call me crazy, but I THINK that just may have worked as she's now all over the internet and even getting covered by companies like the New York Post and what not. 

“I started doing a little digging and was like, wow, this is great,” she told the outlet. “This is how I’m going to communicate to the masses about what’s happening out here, because people are visual.”

Stogner told the paper she decided to release the video because the risk seemed worth it — as a University of Houston poll showed her only a few points behind Christian, who has been bankrolled by oil and gas interests.

“I knew it would be controversial. I didn’t realize it would incite the rage and anger that it did from the press,” she told the Chronicle.

She's playing chess...not checkers. I mean look at this ad for the campaign! If I was a Texan you can bet your bottom dollar that Sarah Stogner would be getting my vote for railroad commissioner. 

And how about some former supporting brands and companies pulling their endorsement from Sarah after this? Shaking. My. Damn. Head. Sounds like she's just quite literally using her assets to get more votes for her campaign.

The San Antonio Express-News described the video as “disgraceful” and pulled its endorsement of Stogner.

“We review social media, and Stogner would never have been our pick had the video appeared before we made our recommendation,” the paper said in an editorial.

“It’s painful to rescind a recommendation. But this is an opportunity to reaffirm our principles and expectations,” the editorial board wrote.

Stogner for Texas Railroad Commissioner '22. Go off Queen.