BYU Student Cooking Homemade Jet Fuel Gives Fellow Students First Ever Taste Of Fireball

Mixing up a little jet fuel in the old spaghetti pot (as one does) when voila, fireball. 


Sprinklers went off, too? Those BYU students must have been… soaking??? heyyyo, heh heh




Anyway, here's the report from BYU Police regarding the fella they're calling "Rocket Man":


Firefighters quickly put the fire out, but the dorm sustained water damage, displacing 22 students. Police said BYU is helping those students find alternative housing.

"A burned pop tart is probably one of our number one calls as far as fire response in that building," said Long, referring to the bizarre nature of the incident.

It's unclear why the 22-year-old man was making the homemade fuel. Instructions for making it and using it in model rockets can be found online, but Long said it's too early to know the motive. 

It turns out the true mystery isn't motive though.. it's what the heck was going on with this rogue toilet:

Ok, sure, we're all making the lighthearted, easy meth jokes here and most seem to believe it was more of an 'innocent chem student experiment' type mistake.. but I'll bite.


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On a less skeptical note, maybe we have the next great inventor on our hands. After all,

"A Halloween experiment more than 80 years ago became the beginning of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), which has helped America lead the way in space exploration."

Long story short, an oxygen line was accidentally set on fire when some guys were science goofin' in the woods, and fast forward a little bit and…

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In the meantime, if you're walking around BYU's campus wondering which student is responsible for the 22 displaced from their dorms, probably just look for the person missing every single hair on their body. 

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