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The Nobel Peace Prize Should Go To This Man For Deciding To Put His Pillow In His Freezer For A Brisk Sleep

This man! This man right here is a genius. Get out of my way Einstein. Get out of my way Stephen Hawking. Get out of my way Isaac Newton. I mean the 3 laws of motion (and I think the apple demonstrating it, maybe?) is cool and all by Mr. Newton, but you gonna tell me any of that shit could be more pivotal than finding a fool-proof way to get your pillow and pillow case as chippy as the Planet Hoth at night? Nope you cannot because that shit is INGENIOUS! 

I'm not sure about the weird warm folks since it seems like everyone I know I absolutely loves being cold when they sleep. I sleep with my fan on high even when it's in the midst of winter. And don't even get me started on if we're in air conditioning territory...I'm all OVER the air conditioning 24/7/365 if it's in season. I want nothing more than to cuddle up in my blanket feeling colder than Tormund Giantsbane on an average day behind the wall! 

And at long last this man has figured it out. Now my only concern is later on tonight do I go one step further and put my whole bedding in the freezer later on tonight? I'm talking the whole nine yards. The sheets. The pillows. The pillow cases. The comforter. EVERYTHING! I simply just may. Good on this man for inspiring us all with his actions. This is what TikTok should truly be for. Keep staying as cool as the other side of the pillow, my friend.