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'I Remember What You Did To My Team. Fuck You.' - Michael Jordan Is About To Suit Up For The Hornets Just To Take Down KAT

It's not exactly a secret that Michael Jordan was arguably the star of All Star weekend simply by showing up: 

But now we have Karl-Anthony Towns telling us exactly what he said to him. I love it. It's peak MJ. Remembering that KAT scored 39 against the Hornets five days before the All-Star Game. Of course MJ remembered that. That game could have happened in 1978 and MJ would have remembered it. The guy is a lunatic and that's why he's the greatest player we've seen. 

I love the way KAT breaks it all down too. The fact MJ wanted to scream louder than him, peak MJ. The fact he ended the comment with a solid fuck you says that MJ was serious. He's not joking around with KAT. It's like how he challenged Magic to a 1-on-1 game. He was 'joking' in the sense that he was ready to go the moment a man uttered yes to him. 

I actually want MJ to have one night where he gets the mic and just says whatever he wants. I know it'll never happen, but give him a 30 minute special unedited on Inside the NBA. Let him roast whoever he wants. Let him air his grievances. Then let him back it all up. The man is clearly in good shape. If he wants to challenge Magic to a 1-on-1 game, let it happen. Game to 11, air it. If he wants to fight KAT for dropping 39 on KAT, so be it. Some would say it'd be a bigger comeback than Jesus Christ even.