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Jersey Jerry & I Sat Down With The "Queen Of Sexting" Amber Andress For A Conversation About Life (And Only Fans)

Last week Jerry & I sat down with the wonderful Only Fans model Mati Marroni as we discussed her life, what it takes to be a star on Only Fans, horror movies, and more. That went fairly well so when I was asked to step into the host chair again today I figured we'd go right back to the well.

Today we sat down with Amber Andress, or AmberjSweetheart as she goes by on Instagram, to talk about the same things we talked about with Mati. We discussed how she got into the erotic internet world, her Swedish/Chilean background, how she got the name "The Queen of Sexting", her strategy on OnlyFans to make some cash, how she treats her internet "boyfriends", and more. It was an enlightening conversation that you should surely tune into! 

We also may have had Jersey Jerry take a tumble after his trip to the hospital due to him accidentally sitting in a chair with one wheel missing. I'm happy to report he's doing alright.