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Trent Flew To Austria To Be The Luggage Guy & His Part Got Cut By Bachelor Producers

What could have been the best part of Clayton's Bachelor season has quickly become the worst. Trent was left on the Bachelor cutting room & we were deprived of reality TV gold. 

Last October, Trent flew across the world to Vienna, Austria to do what Luggage Guys do best - PULL LUGGAGE. Trent did exactly that, but unfortunately Bachelor producers decided to omit his luggage pull entirely from the show. Although, we must give Trent's Easter Egg an honorable mention. If you blinked you may have missed it:


As a saving grace, ABC still posted the cut clip of Trent's luggage pull & it's over a minute long. If you haven't seen the deleted scene it it's a must watch & if you have you should watch it again:

(It's our goal to get that clip more views than Monday night's Bachelor episode. So please feel free to share.) 

Not only did Trent deliver the luggage pull of the century but he had lines!!! He also carried not one but two suitcases down a flight of stairs & waved Genevieve off. While we understand Trent's star power may have taken away from the moment we will never be able to wrap our head around why or how his entire part got cut. We would have been happy with the clip of Trent pulling Genevieve's luggage down the hallway or his walk to the car with her luggage. 

We hope the Bachelor producers make the right decision if Trent ever gets another call. 

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office here: