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This Massive UFO Sitting Over The Sky In Pakistan For 2+ Hours Is Going To Make Me Never Sleep Again

NY Post- Alien hunters were left stunned after a “bulging triangle UFO” was filmed lurking over a major city for two hours.

The unusual object was spotted prowling the skies of Islamabad, Pakistan, in broad daylight by an extraterrestrial enthusiast.

Gobsmacked Arslan Warraich says he spent a lengthy two hours watching the triangular shape hovering above the capital city.

The 33-year-old was mesmerized by the unusual object drifting over the city’s wealthy DHA 1 district — and the clip has now sent sky-watchers’ tongues wagging.

What the FUCK! Obviously we are all well aware of UFO's by now. There's the folks out there that think they are fake and most of the time just odd military projects happening that we're not told about and then there's the folks that are full-blown UFO nutjobs like yours truly where every. single. damn. time. it doesn't make me sleep at night. And fellas, I gotta say, this is one of the creepier UFO videos I've happened to come across! The biggest UFO video as of late has been that one with the pilots off the coast of San Diego that has made a BUNCH of waves recently. 

That one was described to them as a Tic Tac-type of flying object that was just jetsetting up, down, east, west and wherever the hell is it wanted at a speed that's impossible to done by something manmade. Is that fucking crazy? Of course it is. Though I can at least envision some aliens hanging and just fucking around going fast on the ocean, etc etc.

Videos like this one from Pakistan or the famous Phoenix Lights, in my opinion, are 3000x scarier than the tic tac one. It's almost like some folks' ideology in horror movies. For example what's scarier? An absurd horror movie like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street OR a movie that can possibly happen in the real world like Stephen King's Misery? No way around it...Annie Wilkes is SO MUCH scarier than Freddy Krueger.

And that's exactly how I feel about these UFO's when they just sit over cities for hours on end. Now that shit is PETRIFYING! I've seen the alien movies! I've seen Independence Day! When you have a massive armada of UFO's sitting over your city that shit never turns out well.