Paxton Lynch Went From a First Round NFL Draft Pick to a 12th Round USFL Draft Pick in the Biggest Glow-Down of All-Time

Originally, this blog was going to be all of the, "Hey, remember that guy?" picks from the USFL Draft, because there were quite a few good ones — Shea Patterson, De'Andre Johnson, Jordan Ta'amu and several others. But then I got to the very last pick of the first day, former Denver Broncos first round pick Paxton Lynch, who was selected by the Michigan Panthers in the 12th round.

If I was Lynch, I'd have much rather not been selected in the USFL Draft at all than be picked in the 12th round and have everyone recall what a historically massive bust I was. Lynch has the fewest passing yards of any first round quarterback selected in the 21st century, playing in just five NFL games over two seasons. To make matters worse, he was released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Monday before becoming a 12th round pick of a fake football league the next day. Tough week.

And to make matters worse, he's not even going to start on this fake football team, because the Panthers selected former Ole Miss and Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson with the first overall pick. So Lynch has gone from an NFL first rounder to a CFL back-up to a USFL back-up.