Dan Hurley Saying 'Justice Was Served' Sums Up How UConn/Nova Was Everything That's Awesome And Wrong About College Hoops

Alright let's talk about it. UConn/Nova was everything that's awesome yet wrong and pathetic about the sport. This isn't a dig at Dan Hurley as much as it is the sport. Dan Hurley was ejected in the softest possible way. 


Despite James Breeding doing his best to ruin the game, which he did, the game was awesome. You had big shot after big shot. You had a crowd that was into it the entire time even dealing with guys like Caleb Daniels and Brandon Slater hitting massive shots to never let them fully go nuts. But then you had the ending that everyone in the sport fears and hates. Now listen, the refs didn't win the game for UConn. But they ended up being the story. That can't happen. That can't happen when it's the biggest game of the night and all eyes are on it. It started with this jump ball call: 

And then obviously the charge call to end the game: 

You can't start falling down before a guy hits you. Pretty simple. I hate that call. I hate it no matter what the situation is. At some point college basketball refs need to make sure they understand not everything is a charge. It's the worst thing about the sport. You can't watch a game without at least 3-4 bad charge calls. The fact is the storyline from the game was this. It's what the worst part of the game is. We're at the point where all eyes are on the sport. It's just college basketball, NHL and NBA going on. People want to watch the sport. It needs to be cleaner. 

Then there's the whole argument about court storming and is UConn back. Listen, UConn falls into the category of we're going to make fun of you for storming the court. You've won 4 titles. You can't just court storm all willy nilly. I get these kids haven't seen success in 8 years or so, but we still have the right to make fun of you. As for UConn is back? Let's calm down. They are good, a damn good team. But they aren't Calhoun level. They aren't elite. They are a 4/5 seed that can make a run while Hurley rebuilds the program. The fanbase is back into it and that's awesome because basketball is better when UConn is good. Also they were favored at home here. It's not exactly shocking they won that game. That says as much as them winning the game.


College basketball needs games like UConn/Nova. Two programs that everyone knows and has won titles playing with no football around is awesome. Especially when that game is close and has a ridiculous finish. Seriously the scoop shot by RJ Cole was so damn tough. 

Get these egomaniac officials out of the way and let us enjoy college hoops. The story should never be a soft ejection or a couple questionable calls late. Also, Nova, make the front end of the 1-and-1.