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Pray For Kanye’s Sound Operator Tonight

Well that was something...

The beauty of live entertainment is that things can, and often times do, go wrong. It's usually just so minuscule that the audience doesn't even catch it. But the people behind the scenes, or on stage know. And they flip the fuck out. 

Tonight at Kanye West's Donda 2 album release listening party in Miami, the gaffs weren't concealable. 

Mainly because they were big-time audio issues.

And Kanye only made matters worse by showing his frustration.

In all honesty, I heard the audio continuously cutting out and I just thought it was streaming issues because there was half a million people streaming the show on Twitch. 

Thought nothing of a few hiccups here and there.

Obviously a different story for those in attendance live, but if Kanye doesn't chuck the mic and throw his hands up, most of the public has no clue the sound was cutting out like it was.

This is the kind of shit that happens when you throw together a major spectacle like this though. 

A sonic and visual mind fuck that had to have had 200 entertainers involved. He had a choir of druids chanting for half the show (that's a shit ton of mics), he was endlessly walking around the stadium floor, standing in water at one point (testing mic ranges), and oh yah, there was a house perpetually on fire behind him the whole time.

Kanye the egomaniac and perfectionist demands perfection from everybody involved though so somebody is getting read the riot act right now that's for certain.

Some of the highlights 

- Here was the set list 

- Elon Musk came through

- Hearing Kanye sample Kim was pretty hilarious. Shout out to whoever was running the Barstool twitter for catching this too.

- Kanye trolling Kamala Harris with a sample of her proclaiming "we did it Joe!" is even more hilarious

- Jack Harlow (a man once dubbed "a soundcloud rapper trying to steal clout by latching on to Barstool" by some people who shall not be named back when Mantis and Caleb tried to get him involved in some content before he exploded) being called "one of the best 5 rappers out right now" by Kanye last week and then being brought out and featured on the album tonight. Wild.

- Kanye dropped a track with the late xxxtentacion 

- The Migos showed up for their track. And it knocked

- And what everybody is talking about and what made twitter explode, Soulja Boy made it!

- Banger

- Alicia Keys is the fucking best

- Pusha T's new blazing hot single, "Diet Coke" got played

Some Lowlights 

- People waiting FOUR HOURS for Kanye to appear and begin the show

- people waiting HOURS in line for $80 t-shirts and $150 hoodies. You at a concert or a sneaker release guys?

- Carti is a fuckin weirdo

- The Game showed up but didn't do much

- Travis Scott and Future were both featured but no-showed. Probably smart for Travis to remain laying low


Facts - 

Here's the whole thing if you missed it and want to watch