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Max Scherzer Pulling Up To The Bargaining Sessions With Cool Ranch Doritos In Hand Is A Terrifying Sight

If you thought Max Scherzer was intimidating on the mound, you haven't seen him in the parking lot before the bargaining sessions with a lunch sized bag of cool ranch Doritos. Scherzer has been one of the most vocal players regarding the lockout and has done a great job of expressing what the players want. If there is one player you want being the face of your group and on your side for the bargaining part it has to be Scherzer. Of course Max gave a very animated speech in the parking lot before hand to Tony Clark and some of the other guys, this is a guy who just wants to play baseball and eat cool ranch Doritos. He also appears to be wearing a Dan Flashes shirt, the patterns are so complicated. Not being at spring training right now is probably eating Scherzer alive, his body needs to be in camp right now throwing bullpens, his internal clock is probably all messed up because of the lockout. 

He really is the perfect guy to be the face of the players side of these bargaining meetings, he's terrifying. I could only imagine what point he was trying to get apart while talking with his hands so much. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in those meetings with Scherzer. I'd like to imagine he heads up to the white board with cool ranch Doritos dust all over his fingers, those little blue and red flakes of flavor flying all over as he's making his points. Maybe some of the dust gets in Manfred's eyes throwing him into a panic. That would be a win for the players I believe. The image of Scherzer giving this pump up speech while holding that little bag of chips seems like a good omen, reminds me of John Belushi's speech in Animal House. Maybe we should only have Max in there with Manfred, no lawyers or anything, just Mad Max yelling and pointing while housing Doritos.