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Last Night's World Series Game Had an Overnight 8.0 Rating, Making It The Least Watched In World Series History

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TBL - San Francisco 7, Kansas City 1 was devoid of drama, never close, and as a result, TV viewers didn’t tune in or stick around. Early reports are that the overnight TV rating for Game 1 was the lowest in World Series history: An 8.0. An overnight TV rating isn’t complete, obviously, so that number could go up (or down). The lowest overnight rating for a Game 1 previously was an 8.8 in 2012 when the Giants met the Tigers. It’s obviously very early, but without a team from the East Coast, and no major must-see stars in the World Series, this rating trend could continue tonight and into the weekend. Fox executives will no-doubt be clad in royal blue tonight, rooting for Kansas City to make it a series. The overnight rating for the 2014 NFL draft? Thanks to Johnny Manziel, a 6.8. Overnight rating for Game 1 of the NBA Finals? Thanks to LeBron’s cramp, a 10.4.

Pretty unshocking news, but still pretty interesting. Last night’s game was the lowest rated World Series game in history. Makes me happy as a clam to see Bud Selig fail. Selig has been dead-set on ruining the game, and his hard work is really paying off. Making MLB highlights unavailable on YouTube, success! Not implementing ways for the games not to drag on 20% longer than games 15 years ago, success! Making it so an exhibition game determined home field advantage in the World Series. That still is the craziest thing in all of sports. A game where Derek Jeter and his .256 average started and was grooved a fastball determines what league gets home field in the World Series. Kinda important, considering mlb - “Twenty-three of the last 28 World Series have been won by teams with home-field advantage, with the exceptions being the 2008 Phillies, ’06 Cardinals, ’03 Marlins, 1999 Yankees and ’92 Blue Jays.” So great success, Selig, you old piece of shitpie. Nobody watches baseball anymore. And the proof is in the ratings. You non emailing elitist asshole.