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Imagine Not Using A Razor To Slice Garlic So Thin That It Liquifies In The Pan After Seeing Goodfellas For The First Time?

When you watch a movie you want to feel something special. If you're watching the olds in Titanic hold each other as the boat sinks you want to cry. If you watch G-Baby get shot in Hardball you want to go to war for the Kekambas. If you watch watch Draft Day you want to become the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. And, frankly, if you watch Goodfellas you just MAY want to become a mobster even though at the end of the movie (spoiler alert) they all end up either dead, in jail, or moving away to witness protection where their idea of pasta is egg noodles & ketchup which may be the worst punishment of them all. 

So if you watch the movie (if you haven't I cannot even begin to explain how much you're missing out) you're just gonna pick up on some of those tendencies. You could start working at the local cab stand. You could robbing airports. Or if you're into the lighter stuff you can simply just start slicing your garlic with a razor so it gets so thin that it liquifies in the pan. That's the one I'm going with not only because it's clearly the most mild of the bunch, but it's also the key to a great sauce...and who the hell out there doesn't love a great sauce?

Good on this man for honoring Goodfellas in such a beautiful way. I hope the garlic was the highlight of that scrumptious sauce he was chef'ing up.