Van Jefferson Gave His Son The Only Correct Possible Name After His Wife Went Into Labor During The Super Bowl

Yep, that's it. Champ is perfect. The Jefferson's had no other option here. Your wife goes into labor during the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl that you win, you name that kid Champ. Kid is destined for greatness. Sure it helps having a professional athlete for a father, but name helps too. Champ Jefferson is going to be a first round pick. Can play any position too. We've already seen a Champ dominate from the defensive side of the ball, but I could see Champ Jefferson being a 1,000 yard rusher. 

I'll say this too as a father, coming up with a name that quick is tough. Agreeing with another human about what to name a human? It's way more difficult than you think. One person might like traditional names, the other might like a 'new' name. Maybe something really cool that no one has ever seen before. But Champ Jefferson is as cool as it gets. I don't want to give tips to Florida because I hate them, but if the Gators were smart they'd offer him a scholarship right this second. Bobby Jefferson? That kid is going to be a blogger. Champ Jefferson? Future NFL Super Bowl winner.