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The CIA Helped Freeway Rick Ross Become A Crack Cocaine Millionaire. Once Made $3 Million In A Single Day

Motherfucking Freeway Rick Ross and the CIA in the 80s

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Actually it was more like Kenny Powers meeting the gym class, "…I ain't looking". Ain't looking because

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Ain't looking as over 450,000 people were incarcerated on non-violent drug charges. Ain't looking as the homicide rate amount black teens more than doubled. Ain't looking as the infant mortality rate skyrocketed. Ain't looking as the number of children in foster care exploded. The CIA wasn't on the streets selling crack themselves, at least that is what we have been told so far, BUT…BUT…that all depends how you define who the CIA is. If there are people/assets receiving money from and working on behalf of CIA handlers does that make them agents? Well there is not exactly a W-2 showing Nicaraguan rebel militia men on an official government payroll, but they were working on CIA orders and funded by crack cocaine sales with money laundered through banks in Miami. So if you want to define it that way then…yeah, the CIA (and Congress with 1994 crime law mandatory minimum sentences) conspired to decimate a community so they could appear "tough on crime" and "tough on communism". Absolutely disgusting. Video of the pod getting into all the details is above. Link to audio version is below