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Professional Fortnite Player's Mom Exposes Her Son For Being A Total Dick After He Called Her A "F*cking C*nt" Before He Proceeded To Block Her On Twitter

YIKES! Lootboy Voidd just got boxed like a fish by his own mother...

Imagine calling your mom a fucking cunt?? My Mom and Dad would've beat my ass senseless and then thrown me outta the house without blinking an eye. I'd say I'm surprised, but this may be the least shocking behavior from a Fortnite kid.

Back when I was a kid, I'd hide my Gameboy SP, PSP or Nintendo DS under my pillow when I was supposed to be sleeping. I'm sure my parents knew I was staying up at times, but "pushing the envelope" for me would be staying up until around 11pm-ish (I was a crazy kid, I know). In high school, I'd push it till about midnight but even then I knew I'd feel like absolute shit if I stayed up any later.

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The world has changed so much in the sense that back when I was younger, I was simply doing it for leisure There was no hopes of me ever becoming a "professional" NCAA Football 12 player or making money by beating Kingdom Hearts. Content creation was so far off today's level by popularity and monetization.

Fast foward for a kid like Lootboy Voidd and he's trying to further his career in the pro scene and probably doesn't see much value in school. So I guess I understand where his passion to grind comes from, but regardless, how do you ever get to the point of toxicity to curse out your parents? Especially your mom, the sole reason for you being brought into this world!!! Call me crazy here, but I'm team mamavoiddd (and I think everyone else is too).

Simply put, there's better ways to handle this situation then cursing out your mom and then blocking her on Twitter. GGs.