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Watch These Guys Sitting Behind the Bench Who Most Definitely Had Seton Hall +5.5

*The part of the video you'll want to pay attention to starts at 5:05*

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than watching teams foul late in a basketball game when the spread is in jeopardy and there is nothing more euphoric than hitting a big winner at a game when you're in the building. We get to watch these guys go through that entire range of emotion from right behind Seton Hall's bench in their game at UConn last week.

This video was already great, but it honestly would have been much better if Seton Hall fouled with four seconds left. There's almost nothing college coaches love more than fouling unnecessarily when the game has already been decided, but the gambling gods smiled upon this group of fellas last week to give them this winner.

Did they not think the Pirates were going to foul down five with 20 seconds left, though? They seemed like they thought Seton Hall was going to let UConn dribble out the clock from there, which should have resulted in Kevin Willard's firing had that occurred.

The Pirates came back down and made one more shot to cut the lead back to five points and then conceded with just four ticks left on the clock, though. Good for those guys.

Shoutout to SVP and Stanford Steve, by the way. Bad Beats is as good of a segment as there is right now on linear television.