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Mark Wahlberg Pitched a Sequel to The Departed that Included Deniro and Brad Pitt.... And It Did NOT Go Well

“The Departed” is up there as one of the greatest movies of all time for me. It has the perfect amount of twists and doesn't play it safe with any character. For me it's 10x more entertaining and rewatchable than “The Godfather.” There was a stint in college where I would put it on every time I got home from the bars. I think without a doubt, it should get the sequel. 

I know the main concern here is that it might tarnish the reputation of the original but I don't care. Even if it flopped I would still enjoy it. It's not a tv show where a final season can ruin an entire series because they randomly name Bran, who wasn't even in it for an entire season, King. Iconic movies have terrible sequels all the time and we just pretend like they didn't happen. Mean Girls, Saturday Night Fever, Cruel Intentions, A Christmas Story, Fuckin Bambi all have sequels that you forgot about! Hollywood should take this risk even if there's only a one in twenty chance that it's going to be a hit. 


See our full interview with Mark Wahlberg here and comment who you'd want to see in the Departed 2 sequel: