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Four Bags, One Hole

You know when you see professional athletes do incredible things on TV and somewhere in the back of your mind, you think to yourself "well that doesn't really look THAT hard". Then you get a chance to see these animals do what they do best up close in person, and you quickly realize that you don't deserve to even be considered the same species as some of these pro athletes. You watch on TV and you think to yourself you could put up a few points in an NBA game if they just left you out there for the full game and let you shoot every time you touched the ball. Then you go to a game and remember you wouldn't even be able to touch the ball a single time out there. 

Same thing applies to cornhole. You watch cornhole on TV and you and your buddies get the group chat going. You say to yourselves, "boys, all we have to do is train for a few months and we could be pros". You haven't lost a single game at a family barbecue in years. You figure how far off could you possibly be from the best in the world. Heck, you've ever thrown a few 4-bagger rounds before in your lifetime. 


Then Matt Guy comes out and drills 4 airmails in one single shot, and your dreams are shattered because you wouldn't even be able to pick up a point against this guy let alone a win. 

The man was put on this planet for one reason and one reason only. To stuff holes. And he's better than anybody else on the planet at it. Just ask your mom.