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The Miracle On Ice Not Actually Being The Gold Medal Game Is My All-Time Favorite "People Forget" Moment

So as you can see today is obviously the 42nd anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. Goes without saying that it's one, if not the greatest, American sports moments of all-time! Not to mention it provided us with a pretty kick ass Kurt Russell movie on top of that so it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Having said that though it has also brought us one of my all-time people forget things to drop in random conversations. People simply do forget all the time that this game was ACTUALLY the game to get to the Gold Medal. 

The US of A still had to play Finland to win the Gold! We got that W and the Gold (obviously), but people really do forget that we had to take out the Finns to do it!

It's probably a top one for me along with Lynyrd Skynyrd ACTUALLY being from Jacksonville and the Buckner error happening in game 6 of the '86 World Series and not game 7. I mean can you believe the band that quite literally sings Sweet Home Alabama is from friggen Jacksonville? Crazy, but true. And Mr. Buckner's error (God bless his soul) just happened to just get the Mets to game 7! That DID NOT win the world series!

CCR being from San Fran fucking Cisco is ANOTHER crazy one. The 'Born on the Bayou' dudes from Northern California? What a plot twist and a half. While we're at it I'm just gonna remind that John Denver is also not from West Virginia. What a world.