In A Contract Stare Down With The Browns, Jarvis Landry Looked Them Dead In The Eyes And Flopped His Junk On The Table

As if the last six months weren’t bad enough for the Browns, they can now add “public feud with the only wide receiver left that anyone in the NFL knows” to the list of shit gone wrong. Jarvis Landry went on Twitter this morning and took an absolute flamethrower to what most fans hoped would be productive contract restructure talks.

It’s definitely not the most important thing, but you just know Landry has to be part of Team Twitter-Needs-An-Edit-Button. He got a little cocky and used “1/2” on his first tweet, sent that bad boy, and then realized he was going to need a third but it had already been liked and retweeted too much. He had to be sick.

There’s no worse feeling. Except maybe playing for a snake-bitten franchise that couldn’t figure out a way to keep your best friend happy so he leaves and wins the ring you have been chasing for so long before you do. That would probably suck too.

Jarvis Landry is due to make $16.3M next season and the Browns can save all but $1.5M of that if they cut or trade him before June 1st. And since Bill O’Brien won’t be in charge of an NFL roster and can’t continue his unrelenting Zelda-like quest to set the record for most dipshit trades in one lifetime, it’s fair to say a trade isn’t happening.

So we all figured the Browns would try and restructure his deal but I think Landry’s giant public fuck you via social media this morning let the team know loud and clear where he stands on that front.

He gave everything? Relax, Kellen Winslow Jr. You're not a soldier so let’s save the “gave everything” references for actual heroes who sacrifice their lives to protect ours.

But beyond that Jarvis did play hurt for the Browns this season. More importantly he did help turnaround a Browns culture that was more NFL sugar daddy than anything else. Players would come and cash a check, vacation all the time, and try not to end up in any pics or videos that connected them to the franchise.  

He’s a leader and that could be viewed as a benefit with the team set to completely revamp the wide receiver room. Hell, we know no big name wide receiver will want to play here until Stefanski can prove his offense will pad their stats and Baker can prove he can get them the ball when they’re wide open. So they’re going to be forced to go young at that position.

But is an aging vet locker room leader worth $16M? Landry had one really good year in 2019 and the other three he is averaging about 55 yards per game and 4 touchdowns a season. Not a chance in hell he’s worth $16M.

So if he’s cut, what will he fetch on the open market? I’ll lean on my guy ClevTA for this one.

These seem like fair numbers and after seeing them it makes perfect sense then why Jarvis went full-frontal nudity and slammed his hog on the negotiating table this morning. The Browns would want to be in that range with him too so by getting cut and then signing he would gain an extra $1.5M and get to pick an offense that might get him a shot at one more payday.

Business is business. It was a nice run with Jarvis here in Cleveland and we’ll certainly always respect him for his contributions but it’s probably time to take a wrecking ball to that wide receiver room and start over anyway.

If it must come to an end let's do it on good terms and remember moments like this which no doubt helped turn around this franchise…