Are You A Cop, Firefighter, EMT, Or Front Line Worker? Join Me In Wheaton For A Charity Dodgeball Tournament Where 100% Of Proceeds Go To First Responders

My HS baseball coach and I are still tight 15 years after I was dominating WWS high school and the DVC. He's now an asst. principal at Franklin Middle School in Wheaton and every spring he throws a dodgeball tournament where 100% of the proceeds of the event go to charity. Cops, firefighters, EMTs, etc. Prior to the pandemic, the one night event would raise $50,000+ and go directly to different foundations that support front line workers. It's fantastic and it's an event I love being a part of.

This is the first year since 2019 that he's been able to run it for obvious reasons, so we want to do it BIG. Stoolies always, always turn out for causes like this, so I wanted to throw up a quick blog and do some social media pushes for him. 

Here's how it goes:

- $175 entry fee (goes towards fundraiser)
- Tournament is held at the old Hubble Middle school in Wheaton IL (not the new one in Warrenville)
- Teams MUST be composed of cops, firefighters, EMTs, etc.
- Teams of 6+ (coed or not, doesn't matter)
- 3 games of pool play followed by single elimination tournament
- Post-event festivities
- Takes place 3/4 @ 7pm


Simple as that. 

CALL TO ACTION: If you're reading this and you're a cop, a firefighter, an EMT, a nurse, or any other sort of first responder, you're eligible to sign up. Just email I took part in the event in the few years prior to the pandemic and it's a blast. Everyone is there for the right reason, the competition is awesome, and the after party tomfoolery is great. 

CPD and CFD have multiple teams in. Teams from all over the metro area are in. So far we have about 30 teams registered and will stop taking registrations on March 1st. Get in now! There is no cap on entries, but we won't let anyone register after 3/1.