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Karl-Anthony Towns Took Us Behind The Scenes At All Star Weekend And It Was A Pretty Awesome Watch

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

If you're like me, you're looking for anything and everything to get us through these next two days where NBA basketball can once again be on our televisions every night. I know the All Star break is only like 8 days, but this shit feels like an eternity. Especially if you root for a team that was playing well before the break or you're waiting to see your new look roster after a busy deadline. Waking up and seeing it was only Tuesday morning and we were still years away from Thursday night was rather upsetting. I'm basically this lady

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So I've been doing the usual these last few days. Playing some 2K, watching Celts highlights from Timi the GOAT, losing myself in the stats pages of NBA.com, nothing crazy. But then I came across a nice little vlog series from Karl-Anthony Towns and it was an immediate click. You see, this may not be the case for you, but I feel confident in stating that I will never play in an NBA All Star Game. For reference, I'm pretty sure I dislocated my middle finger on my left hand last week trying to pull down my sweatpants leg after I woke up last week. I'm not even kidding, that shit got stuck and popped and now my finger basically looks like Booger McFarland's hand

Again, not kidding. It's all kinds of fucked. Can't straighten out my finger, but it doesn't hurt. Go to the doctor you say? No chance. I plan on just letting this heal naturally which will surely cause a more serious issue down the line. OK, sorry for getting distracted. Anyway, my point is the ship has clearly said on my dreams of being an NBA All Star, so anytime an actual NBA All Star wants to give us a behind the scenes look into their weekend, I'm on board. This is the beauty of living in 2022, we're getting access to shit as normal people that never seemed possible before. Every NBA player has a video guy that captures their lives and puts it on YouTube. It's fantastic and frankly, even more players need to do it. Remember how awesome the Bubble Vlogs were? So when I saw KAT had 3 episodes of his weekend, I knew how I was spending my Tuesday morning


First off, the wings on his private jet to Cleveland looked incredible. Having never flown private before, is that normal? Those things are just stocked with insanely delicious looking wings? As I'm sure you know, transporting wings can be risky business. Nothing is more disheartening than a plate of soggy wings after you order them and spend all that time thinking about how awesome nice, hot, crispy wings are going to be. So were they cooking those on board? Is that a thing on private jets? That whole scene all I kept thinking about was how bomb those wings looked. I'm not sure if that was KAT's intention, but that's what happened.

Loved the footage of KAT getting reps in for his 3 point competition to kick off episode two. Here's where you remember that KAT, as a center, is a career 39.6% three point shooter. He's 739-1,864 in his career so far. Maybe you go Dirk, but KAT is quickly making his claim as the greatest shooting big man ever. So yeah, seeing him never miss was pretty awesome. Then mixing in Anthony Edwards losing his shit while he watched KAT win was an awesome touch. Impossible to not love Anthony Edwards. The speech at dinner after the contest? Man. That was emotional. 

As we enter the home stretch of the season, the Wolves currently sit in the 7 spot in the West, and trail the Nuggets by just 2 games. They look like a team that is well on their way to at least securing a play in spot, which would give them just their second playoff appearance since 2003-04 and their first since the Jimmy Butler era in 2017-18. There's a ton of talent on that MIN roster, so I'm not sure I would classify them as an easy out. Especially if they find a way to defend.

All in all, if you're looking for something today to do rather than work after the holiday weekend, give those three episodes a watch. Especially if you're a Wolves fan. Highly recommend.