Rico Bosco Was Arrested For Getting Drunk And Fighting Cops At The Airport, And When Cops Asked Where He Was Born, He Responded, "Your Motha's House" (Kidding)


A man on his way to Tampa via an Allegiant Airlines flight was blasted with a Taser Thursday after threatening a passenger and an airline employee, Nashville police say. 

Cops say Rico was yanked off the Florida-bound Allegiant flight after he threatened to “beat a passenger.” The officer who confronted Rico noticed he was sauced up and started rolling through her questions to ask him.

Cops decided to throw the cuffs on Rico for the public intox charge, but he wasn’t exactly complying which led to the officers busting out the Taser to send some voltage through their subject’s body. That did the job and Rico was finally in custody and ready to start answering questions.

Kidding! When police asked Rico where he was born, the latest Allegiant bad boy replied, ***Your motha's house.***

Look, I know I had some strong words about Rico Bosco following the Big T High Noon throw. The truth of the matter is, I reached my boiling point. I'm just sick and tired of people being assholes and it's FAR from just Rico; log on to and you'll inundated with them. Just assholes all over the place. Finger pointing, shoving their political beliefs down your throat, virtue signaling, blah fucking blah. It is unbelievably exhausting. Mask this, mask that, mandate this, mandate that. So divided. Whatever happened to live and let live? No idea but it waved bye bye and that's why I wanna take my millions and move to a remote island in the pacific or something.

Anywho, when I saw the tape of the High Noon chuck and subsequently heard what was said by Rico prior to that, I was sent over the edge. I said to myself, "enough is enough. For now on I'll call out asshole behavior when I see it."


Just be cool. Life's a lot better when everyone is cool with each other. Rico is hilarious and could/will do big things for the Barstool and Penn partnership. There's a reason Portnoy loves him so much and Portnoy can sniff out talent with the best of them. I'm a perfect example of that; he hired me after never really even saying a word to me. Just texted me randomly asking if I wanted to go full time. I didn't even have his number at the time and thought it was a prank one of my asshole friends was playing on me, but his keen sense for who has talent and insatiable appetite for success. 

Rico and I are cool now. He sounded genuinely remorseful and for that I'm happy. 99% of Rico is great. He let that 1% get the better of him and I truly think the suspension was a wakeup call and that he'll be a better person on and off camera for it. That is not a joke.

Ahhh fuck. Maybe not. We have another Rico situation on our hands. Idk why Rico was in Alabama over the last few days or why he was heading to Tampa, but now we're gonna have to raise some bail money for him. Apparently he threw back a few too many termies and got a little insubordinate. But you know why we love Rico? His ability to make people laugh. He basically called his shot when we recorded the "comeback" Snake Draft last week:

Once Portnoy gets wind of this Rico will have a lifetime contract with The Stool. I mean this is laugh out loud funny. Getting drunkenly tased then throwing a "your motha" at the cops, you've provided 100s of 1000s, maybe millions of people with content and laughs for the next few days. What a goddamn comeback by Rico here, and in two different ways. Incredible re-introduction to The Stool post suspension, incredible comeback to the cops for trying to ruin his fun. 

The Chicago Dog Walk "Best Comebacks" Snake Draft is LIVE!!!