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Aaron Rodgers Dropped a Late Night Emotionally Cryptic Instagram Post Thanking Shailene Woodley and His Teammates

First off, I'll be the one to say it, did Aaron Rodgers really have to drop this post just before midnight? We're all in for a rude Tuesday morning back in the office and now we're going to be sitting here like idiots reading this shit a million times trying to figure out what's going on. Well played Aaron, but I didn't need that. 

Now I don't want to be that guy who dissects every single social media post Rodgers shares this offseason and make my immediate, reactionary judgements based on them, but of course I'm going to do that. I'm on fucking edge right now. Every word he says or types has the potential to drive my sanity off a goddamn cliff and into a valley of fire and misery. Rodgers took some time Monday night to thank Shailene Woodley along with friends, and his teammates (past and current). Make note of that one. He said CURRENT teammates, as in those he has right now while he is not retired. Every word matters with this motherfucker. 


Alright maybe this last part wasn't great for the soul...

So what does it all mean? I thought it was a done deal he was back after the Tom Clements hire on Thursday and I still think that way, but this post didn't clear a damn thing up. Maybe he just had one too many glasses of scotch and got all sad about the engagement not working out. There's also no football right now so his life kinda has no direction or schedule. Who are we to judge a man potentially down in the dumps right now? 

Look at the bright side, he handled the break up better than John Cena did

or A-Rod for that matter


Let's hope the next move is to hop on McAffee's show and announce he's coming back. Sounds good to me.