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Bob Baffert Can Blow Me

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Medina Spirit has been stripped of his 2021 Kentucky Derby title following a positive drug test, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission announced Monday. The official winner is now the second-place horse, Mandaloun.

The news comes more than two months after Medina Spirit collapsed and died following a workout at Santa Anita. His trainer Bob Baffert said the colt suffered a heart attack on December 6 but a necropsy released this month showed no definitive cause of death.

So 2021 Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit recently passed away a few months back. Super sad. I hate anytime a beautiful animal like Medina Spirit dies too early, and I hate it even more when I have a hunch there was foul play involved.

Tony absolutely should have whacked/decapitated Ralphie. 

Medina Spirit didn't have to die. He died because a piece of shit was looking for any edge he could get, even if it meant the worst has a decent shot of happening. 

That piece of shit is Bob Baffert. If you know me, you know I've always been extremely pro-steroids when it comes to baseball. The late 90s, early 2000s were the most entertaining years of baseball in my lifetime. That said I do have some morals. I draw the steroid injecting line at horses. FUCK that. It's animal abuse and people caught shooting up race horses with juice should be incarcerated.


I'm extra salty today because I placed a wager on Mandaloun to win the Derby 14 months ago while in Vegas:

I watched every race of Mandaloun's leading to the Derby and he qualified by the skin of his teeth. He was an extreme long shot to win once the updated odds came out, and here's how the race went:

Lost by a fucking neck. Whatever though, shit happens. Nope. Mandaloun is now the winner about 9 months later. Makes me sick. Medina Spirit should have never been racing. 

FUCK Bob Baffert though. Fucking asshole. That's almost $10K. $10K is a lot of money. That $10,000 would have been worth a lot of dip and booze. It would be going a looooong way for me right now. What a fucking cock sucker Bob Baffert is. He's responsible for the deaths of many horses and now he owes me $9600. 

Ban this asshole for life. I'm fucking pissed