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Havana Syndrome Ain't Going Away

If you remember recently the CIA had claimed Havana Syndrome, a phenomenon of U.S and Canadian nationals having similar symptoms of physiological injuries abroad and at home, was actually all mass hysteria and a hoax. 

Contrary to the CIA last Sunday on 60 minutes, there was a follow-up with not only individuals who had previously appeared on 60 minutes in 2019, but scientists and higher-up government officials who confirm some of the original claims. 

This is freaking scary. You got guys whose eyes are working, but their brains aren't seemingly giving them the pictures? What kind of thing could be frying people's brains. This stuff is happening to them not only abroad but at home. If you remember this guy from the 2019 episode had been told his symptoms were probably CTE from his high school football days. 

I mean if the stories about his children are true then we really need to start taking this all much more seriously. 

This time around we even have experts commenting on actual brain damage.

On top of medical experts, we even have scientists identifying the exact machinery that could be causing the attacks.

This last clip describing Canadian nationals is quite disturbing and alarming. 

I know we have just been posting one side of the argument but this person makes quite a compelling argument on what is causing the sound. 

As someone who has heard the cicadas across the east coast this past spring, this bug sound does sound familiar. To be honest, there is the element that these people are so scarred by the whole ordeal, any high-pitched noise makes them think they are about to get attacked again. Thus the bug sound-triggered them into recording it. Who knows, we will probably find out what really happened in about 20 years.