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BREAKING: Medina Spirit Was DQ'd From The Kentucky Derby 9 Months After Winning, Bob Baffert Suspended For This Year's Derby

There it is. One of the biggest stories in the horse racing world is finally starting to maybe come to a close. Medina Spirit (RIP) is officially DQ'd from winning the Kentucky Derby. Honestly, I just wish they didn't name Mandaloun the winner. Just have no winner. That's the way to go. Here's what I said when it went down and I still feel the same way: 

It's no secret I love horse racing. One of my favorite things in the world. I wouldn't love it if I felt the animals weren't protected and treated correctly. Just get the drugs out of it. Clean it all up and I'm pretty sure everyone will be on board with it. No one is arguing for drugs. If you truly love the animals and truly care about the sport this is the only way to go forward. It'll be a shame if Medina Spirit gets DQ'd eventually and stripped of the title, but if it cleans up the sport. Good. Chicken and egg type situation. Just clean it up.

Clean the sport up completely and avoid shit like this. That's why Baffert should be suspended for this year's Derby. I know he'll go through the appeal process and that could end up letting him in, but the suspension is more than fair. He shouldn't be at the Derby a year after this. What I don't get is the $7,500 fine. That's it? We're talking about a DQ of the Derby winner. $7,500 is nothing to Baffert. Yeah, I know they have to forfeit the purse money too, but I figured the fine would have been more. The purse money is serious , but that's sort of buried in the press release. Might want to lead with that next time. 

It's only the second time in Derby history a horse was DQ'd after the race for a positive drug test. The last time was 1968. Like I said though, just clean the sport up. Let's get ready for Derby. We're not the far away from this year's version and I'm already fired up.