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Russia Is On The Verge of War With Ukraine: Thanks To Lisa Tarot, We Finally Know The Who, Whats, Where, Whens, And Whys About This Global Conflict

I gotta be honest here. I've never really put much Penn Stock into tarot card readings. Dont get me wrong. Ive done it at a church fall festival like any other handsome son of a bitch but that doesnt mean I let the cards run my life. I took at the beautiful pictures and like you, have no idea what they mean or if they are even accurate. 

Well, this morning I came across a beautiful card reading and felt like it was my duty to share. When I first started watching the reading, I thought, "this is great and all but this card reader has no military or state department experience. How in the sweet, sweet fuck could she possibly read what the cards are trying to tell her?"

Well, much like this fella, egg on my face. 


As I watched more and more, I learned that she did in fact have military experience. In fact, she's currently in the military (haven't had a chance to fact check yet but Id be shocked to find out that Lisa Tarot was a liar.) So, after seeing just how well she knows these cards and knowing that shes also privy to some real-time intel, I can't help but trust her.

It does feel good to get a little bit of good news though, right? It makes me feel so much better knowing that after she finished her card reading, she came to the conclusion that this whole thing is going to make us and our allies closer. That's incredible. I love being close with our allies! Well done, Lisa. Thank you for being a voice of galactic reason in a perilous time. 

If you want to get a slightly more informed opinion (no disrespect Lisa), we talked to some people on the ground in Ukraine. 

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