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NC State Freshman Tommy White Has Played Three College Baseball Games and Might Already Be the Greatest Player of All-Time

Tommy White has played all of three baseball games in college. All he did in those three games was go 9-14 with 5 HR, 12 RBI and a 1.788 SLG% — not OPS, just slugging. He was equally likely to hit a home run as he was to not get on base. Those five homers, by the way, had an average exit velocity of 105.6 MPH and average distance of 416 feet, according to TrackMan Baseball.

All this kid does is come to the plate and launch piss missiles.

And anyone who even dares to say something about it being against Evansville needs to go kick the biggest pile of rocks they can find. Those kids are on scholarship, too — well some of them, because college baseball's rules are remarkably dumb, but I digress. They're Division I pitchers getting taken to the moon nearly every AB by Tommy Taters.

I'm glad NC State seems to have reloaded just fine after getting royally screwed out of a potential national championship last season. I want to see a Wolfpack revenge tour tearing through the ACC in 2022.

Buy Tommy White stock right now. There might not be a more fun freshman hitter to watch in the country this year.