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A Worcester Man Was Arrested For Attempting To Climb Into The Tiger Enclosure At The Franklin Park Zoo

(Fox 25) - A man was arrested Monday morning after breaking into the Franklin Park Zoo and attempting to enter the zoo’s tiger enclosure.

The Massachusetts State Police told Boston 25 News at approximately 9 a.m. troopers were notified that security staff detained a man who broke into the zoo by climbing over the gate before attempting to enter the tiger enclosure.

Authorities confirmed the man, Matthew Abraham, 24, of Worcester, did not make it into the enclosure and was not harmed.

Shortly after Abraham was detained, Boston EMS arrived at the zoo to evaluate the man and determine if he was mentally competent, but Abraham refused medical care.

You know what I find to be a rather reliable test to determine if one is "mentally competent" or not? Have they recently, or ever, attempted to climb into the tiger enclosure at the zoo. That right there should be the first question. If yes, test is concluded with a resounding "yes" as the findings. If no, continue asking more questions. This shouldn't be the only barometer we use to determine competence as a society, but it feels like it covers enough bases where if the answer is yes we don't have to waste any more of our time. 

Also, stop arresting these people. Let him go in the tiger cage. Let nature run its course. We don't need to use up resources on this guy. The Earth has given us natural human garbage disposals in the forms of tigers and lions and bears and gorillas. If people want to fuck around they should be entitled to find out. That feels fair. Tiger gets a free meal, the zoo gets to save money on tiger food, and the state troopers get to finish their morning coffee. Everyone wins in this scenario. Instead we're killing trees to file paperwork on this tiger enthusiast.