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Not Only Is Joel Embiid The MVP, But He's The Best Gambler In The League

Joel Embiid is having one of those seasons that can put him up there with some of the all-time greats. He could be the league MVP, win his first championship, and be named NBA Finals MVP. Plus he could always end up bullying Ben Simmons into an early retirement by the time the season comes to an end. 

But more important than any accolades Joel Embiid picks up this season are the hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars he hustled off of his All-Star teammates before the game last night. 

He who controls the cards controls the game. And from the looks of Embiid counting up his winnings while not giving a single heck about whatever that nerd Erik Spoelstra had to say, he clearly cleaned house. 

You could tell just from the way he was shuffling that he was going to take Trae Young for everything he's worth. Joel Embiid, officially the baddest dude in the league. Sure would hate to be a coward who didn't even have the courtesy to talk to him on his way out to go play for a division opponent. 

Can you feel it?